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The Yolo County divorce records are not maintained at the county recorder’s office. Instead, they are updated and released at the Civil Division of the County’s Superior Court. Divorces in Yolo are not granted that fast and easy unless one has a solid ground for filling dissolution of marriage before the court. There are basically two justifiable reasons for the divorce to be approved. First, it should be because of the irreconcilable differences. Second, one of the spouses has an incurable insanity condition. However, these two should still be proven to be true or else the court would just junk the case and not sign the divorce paper.

County officials decided to just let the clerk of court handle the job of compiling the divorce reports and providing it to anybody who is eligible to obtain a copy of it. Thus, the court has the full authority over the management of this type of record ever since. On the note, residents can only grab an official and authentic copy of it from the courthouse and nowhere else. First thing that you must do would be to find out whether or not you qualify to be an applicant for the said record, assuming that you do not own the record that you are requesting for.

The guidelines should be observed as strictly implemented by the presiding court. They include the following: that the requesting party should comply with California Rules of Court, more so, the results of the requested documents will not be provided unless the application comes with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with proper postage, that the fee should go along with the request, otherwise, it shall not be processed by the clerk of court. These are some of the important points that you must keep in mind before you begin the steps in obtaining a copy of the vital record.

Fees may change at anytime, thus, it is recommended that you call the Civil Division of the Superior Court to ask for the current fees when applying for a legal document. On the other hand, if you are not a direct relative to the names mentioned on the divorce file, then you would need to convince the court that you are going to need such file for a very important reason. Your legal representative can help you do the process. Hence, you must have solid and justifiable ground for doing the request. If not, it would be impossible for you to get one.

The public should be thankful for these divorce records are not accessible within the county where people live. In the past, everyone had to go all the way to the State’s central records office just to place their request. More so, great technological innovation has taken place in this modern time which makes the acquisition of divorce reports become more instant. However, of course, it has to come with a corresponding fee for not only offering a quick service but a substantial data of search results. But then again, it is still up to you if you prefer doing the traditional method of searching or try this modern approach of having the divorce documents.

Yolo County Vital Records

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