Sutter County Divorce Records

The Sutter County divorce records are considered to be court documents because it is where the former spouses went to when they filed for the dissolution of marriage. The Clerk of Court is the person-in-charge for this type of record. Thus, for inquiries related to this vital report you must call the said office or visit in person for questions. The fundamental queries that you should ask include whether or not you are eligible to do the request assuming that you are not the owner of such record, the paper requirements or documents which you need to prepare, the guidelines on how to go about performing the search and other related matters.

The application can only be executed by mail or in person as per policy of the local government. Emails will not be accepted as well as phone calls. To start with, one must fill out a copy of the records request form. It should be completely filled-out or else the officer-in-charge will not accommodate the request and will just end up returning the application to you. Back in the days, you had to drop by the office to grab a copy of the form. However today, residents may simply browse through the county’s superior court website, download and print the form, then fill it out so it will be ready by the time you come see the clerk.

A certified copy of the divorce record would cost you $25.00 plus another $4.00 each additional page that you are going to request. It would be smart to contact the clerk of court office for any possible changes in terms of the fees. Payment shall be made through check or money order. The other requirements would be that you produce a valid government-issued ID and a formal letter of request addressed to the designated government agency. The results are usually returned in 5 to 6 working days depending on how much amount of information being asked for by the requesting party.

The people are looking for this type of record for a lot of reasons. Normally, they are leveraged as a legal reference to check whether or not a person had been divorced in the past. Those who are planning to get married wanted to make sure that the other person is legitimately single to be able to have a legal marriage. So, they go check on the divorce report to see if there’s anything that they deserve to know about. Others would just like to find out the records of their ancestors to be able to create a family tree of their lineage.

Today, the acquisition of the Sutter County divorce records is made simpler and quicker with the advancement of modern technology. It is where the computers and the Internet are introduced to make the task even more hassle-free to accomplish. With this development, the search can be performed at home so long as there is connection to the Internet. The source comes from a reputable website which guarantees quality results on the dissolution of marriage documents. It is completely safe and secured provided that you subscribe from a trustworthy online records service.

Sutter County Vital Records

Residents in Sutter can do the search through the following search information:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Document Date
  • Search by Document Number
  • Search by Document Title
  • For further related information the public may visit the local government’s official website

Sutter County Court Records

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