Sonoma County Divorce Records

The Archived Records Division of the Superior Court of California has been tasked to do all the compilation of the legal reports in relation to Civil, Family Law, and Probate fillings since back in the 18th century. If the record is way too old then the clerk of court would need as much information as possible in order to reclaim it. The Sonoma County divorce records are certainly available nowadays also maintained by the same division. They are obtainable provided that the implemented rules and guidelines are properly observed.

The divorce documents can only be requested in writing form. Thus, you will have to come by the office to secure a copy of the Archived Records request form. You need to go over the form and make sure that every detail is filled-out. When done, you include a self-addressed stamped envelope then send it to the Superior Court of California with a check payment. As an applicant, you will need to present a valid government-issued ID to be able to be granted with the request. The identification will serve as proof that you are indeed a legitimate resident in Sonoma County.

Some of the particulars that you are going to complete on the form include names of the former espouses, the type of document, date filed, the case number and whether or not it should be certified. You should indicate if you wanted a certified copy of it because the service charge for that is different from just the normal acquisition of such record. A certified copy demands $25.00 while doing just a regular search costs only $15.00 per copy. Also, you should have the case number with you, otherwise you are going to need the office do the search for you in return for an extra payment.

If you are to ask for more copies of the record then you will have to pay another $0.50 per page. You must understand though that the office is only capable of bringing out the results in a few days because they are going to do it manually. Give it 5 to 6 working days to complete the search. So, there are two important things. First, you must be an eligible applicant for the said records; otherwise you are not going to get want you are looking for. Second, you must familiarize yourself with the guidelines and follow each of them in order to for you to obtain the information that you need.

Over the years, the approach on how these records are acquired has improved dramatically. Today, doing the retrieval of divorce records is just a piece-of-cake because you can perfectly do it at home in just a few clicks on your computer. In other words, you are just going to type in the basic information about the people whom you are searching for and get the accurate results in no time. The key here is to find the most reliable online records service to be able to meet your objective which is to generate the most credible data on legal separation for whatever legal undertakings.

Sonoma County Vital Records

Sonoma County Superior Court has outlined a family law which includes the following information:

  • How to request a copy of the divorce record
  • How to end marriage
  • Information about child support
  • Information on Adoptions
  • Information on Child Custody

Sonoma County Court Records

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