Santa Cruz County Divorce Records

The vital records like those of marriage, birth and deaths are all meticulously documented under the Santa Cruz County Recorder’s office. However, since the divorce records are governed over through a family law, such reports are then managed by the Family Law Division of the Santa Cruz Superior Court. The people have the option though to go to the Superior Court’s office of the State if it is something that is more accessible and convenient to do. Thus, the Santa Cruz County divorce records are just within reach because they are housed under the county’s Superior Court.

The public can place a request on divorce reports in person or by mail depending on which approach is more comfortable for anybody to perform. For those who are going after the certified copies of someone’s divorce should provide the following information including case number, case title and the approximate date. Each copy of the requested report will cost you $15.00, plus another $1.00 for each additional page. To find out if there are any changes in terms of the service fees you may always contact the designated office during business hours.

If you happen to not know the case number, the court’s office itself will do the lookup for you but you will have to pay $15.00 per case. More so, if you chose to just mail the application you will need to include the following details such as the case title, names of former spouses on the record, date of divorce and the other basic information of the legal separation. Upon sending your request to the Superior Court, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage. The results are expected to be received in 10 to 20 working days.
You must make it sure though that you have filled out the right records request form. It should be coming from the Superior Court’s office to ensure that it is indeed the standard and official form made by the clerk of court’s office. Otherwise, it shall not be honored and accommodated no matter what you do. Furthermore, it is very significant that you are fully aware of the guidelines imposed when you are up to retrieving the vital records of the public. If you are not related to any of the names indicated on the document then you should seek legal permission from the legal court. On this note, you will need a lawyer to make the standard procedure in making an appeal before the judicial body.

You can pretty much do what you intend to do if you are a legitimate and eligible applicant of the record. It would suffice if you come with valid reasons as to why you want to obtain the divorce files of a certain individual. Today, searching for the vital records becomes more private with the help of the Internet in which files can be searched upon and downloaded in just a few clicks. You just have to find a credible and trusted online resource, pay for the service charge and you will be guaranteed not only with instant results but also accurate and substantial data which you can leverage for whatever it is that you are planning to use for.

Santa Cruz County Vital Records

Santa Cruz Superior Court has formed a family division to discuss and provide information on divorce including:

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