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People back in the old days had a hard time looking for ways to simplify the process of obtaining the vital records. They never got the easier way out until the top authorities decided to make the documentation of these legal reports done at the local level, which means that it is to be maintained through the various counties. In California, these public records are actively updated and released by the different local agencies. As a matter of fact, the Santa Clara County divorce records are brought much closer to the residents through the county’s Superior Court.

Unlike the other counties in California, the divorce reports in Santa Clara are housed through the county’s legal court. This implies that all the fillings of legal separation can only be performed before the court. More so, the divorce certificate can only be retrieved from the same government agency. Thus, the guidelines are a bit stricter as compared to those that are being accommodated from the clerk’s office. But, it should not be that difficult so long as you are a legitimate citizen in Santa Clara and you have all the documents to support your claim, then there’s simply nothing to worry about.

The cost for requesting a copy of the divorce record would be $15.00, should there be any changes in terms of fees you can anytime contact the court’s office and the staff will update you on things that you need to know about. If you are unsure on how to go about placing an order, just call the office to walk you through the entire steps of acquiring the vital documents.

Technically, only the owner of the record and his or her immediate family can access the files. However, you can always entrust it to a lawyer but must obtain an authorization from you as the owner of the file. On the other hand, anybody else not related to the names mentioned on the record must acquire a legal consent from the court itself. This means that you will need an attorney to do the legal work for you.

These annulment records are dug by some individuals in order to verify the true status of someone. In other words they are leveraged to background check on the relationship history of another person. This is usually done by those who are getting married and wanted to be sure that their romantic partner had been legally divorced in the past. Therefore, it is advised that you get to know your partner better otherwise you will be paying the price for not knowing the truth before trying the knot with someone.

The great news today that everyone should be excited about is the fantastic progress in regards to the divorce records being alternatively ordered using the Internet. The source would be an online records solution that offers instant retrieval of the vital records. You only have to type in the basic information about the divorce such as the names of the former espouses, date filed and granted, as well the location of the proceedings. By entering such details you will get to pull-out more than enough data which you are going to need for whatever purposes. It comes with a fee though but totally worth it in return for the substantial facts that you get.

Santa Clara County Vital Records

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