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The San Francisco County divorce records cannot be ordered from the Department of Health’s office, neither from the county clerk recorder’s office as well. They are specially maintained at the County’s Superior Court where the legal separation was filed and later on granted. These divorce records have been kept by the County officials since 1906. Thus, the residents have high hopes that they are going to pull-up the separation records of people that they want to investigate. You certainly have the right to do the request as mandated by law. However, you should be able to pass all the guidelines imposed by the local government.

The application for the divorce records search is specifically performed at the Public Viewing Room of the Superior Court. The very important information that you need to possess to get it started would be the case number of the record. If you don’t have this then it would mean additional expense on your part because you will have to pay the court for retrieving the case number. Those records from 1987 to present are uploaded on a computer database while those from way back then are going to be retrieved using a microfilm.

Unlike from the other counties, individuals cannot do the order by phone, fax or email. It is either done through walk-in or by mail. Take note also that if you don’t know the exact year of the dissolution of marriage you are going to pay for that as well since they are going to trace that particular detail for you. To verify on the current fees it would be great to just call the clerk of court for inquiries. They can be reached by contacting the clerk’s official phone number or simply visit the office in person to clear things out.

Normally, you are going to fill-out a records request form in order to proceed in doing the search. This form is produced from the clerk of court’s office or by downloading it from official website of the Superior Court. The turn-around time upon receipt of the request could take up to 10 working days because the process is done manually. It could take longer though if you are to dig on more in-depth information about someone’s divorce record. More so, as a requesting party, you must be able to present some supporting documents which show proof that you are a legitimate citizen in San Francisco. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to execute the search even if the said record is a public domain. It is still considered as confidential for those who do not own it.

With today’s fast changing pace of technology, this vital record can already be downloaded and printed right at the comfort of one’s home. You just need an Internet access just to recover the information so easily. The most challenging part lies in finding a reputable and trustworthy online repository to get the documents that you need. You are going to pay for this type of service. Of course, you must pay in return for a quality service being offered to you where all you have to do is type in the basic information and wait for the results in no time.

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