Napa County Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce are common events. According to the National Marriage and Divorce Rate Trends, there are 3.6 divorces that occur in a population of 1000. Divorce rates have gone up over the last 150 years. Different state laws govern the storage of these divorce records for a variety of reasons.

California state laws assign the California Department of Public Health for records that were registered from 1962 to June 1984, and the Superior Court of the county wherein the divorce happened for the archiving of divorce records. Therefore, it is imperative to gather as much information as you can about the divorce record you’re looking for to accurately determine what institution to visit.

A divorce record contains sworn statements from both parties, child custody agreements, and the divorce decree, and is therefore deemed legal once a judge in a court of law approves it. These divorce records are procured for a variety of reasons, some of which include the removal of one’s ex-spouse from all financial pacts and insurance policies, the removal of one’s married name, and remarriage. Background checking has also been a common rationale for acquiring divorce records as these public documents also contains all reported histories of domestic violence, and restraining orders related to it.

There are two types of divorce records in existence. First, certified authorized copies can only be obtained by the registrants, their parents or a legal guardian, and any other parties specified in law, such as a member of a law enforcement agency, or an attorney (either representing the registrant or the registrant’s estate). If a person cannot obtain an authorized copy under California State Laws, he can secure an informational copy. Do note that informational copies contain the same information with an authorized copy, but will come with a legend that states, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.” You can complete a request form in the Office of Vital Records of the Department of Public Health, or online via the CDPH website. After paying the required processing fees, the requests will be mailed to the same office. The average processing times for an individual request will take a few weeks to six months.

If you are looking to significantly shorten the processing times of your request without compromising quality and accuracy, you might want to try the services of independent online records retrieval providers. Unlimited and instantaneous access towards your desired divorce record can be achieved within a few minutes. What’s more is that these services are for free; if not, some providers will only ask a very small amount from you. The safety of your family and the fate of your relationship can now be accessed right at the comfort of your own home, upholding an important purpose of the creation of the internet – expediency.

Napa County Vital Records

Getting divorce records from Napa County comprises a few easy steps:

  • – Collect important data about the divorce record that you are looking for;
  • – Determine your eligibility if you can secure an authorized copy; if not, settle for an informational copy
  • – Informational copies share the same information with authorized copies, but will come with a legend that states, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”
  • – Complete the request form provided to you, or download it here
  • – Pay the processing fee of 15$, or 10$ (for requests coming from public agencies) to be paid via check or money order payable to the CDPH Office of Vital Records;
  • – Mail your request to the same office;
  • – You will have to wait at least a few weeks to six months for your request to be processed.

Napa County Court Records

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