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The national divorce rate in the United States has gone up to 50%. In the state of California, divorce rates have gone as high as 60%. Such rates have gone up over the years, as divorce rates continue to observe a somewhat upward trend. Divorce records have many uses, and are thus kept by the appropriate authorities in observance of different state regulations.

Divorce records contain every document that is related to the marriage, making it a very essential component in background checking, especially for individuals who are contemplating on getting married the nth time around. Scrutinizing your partner specifically for any potential history of domestic violence helps ensure you and your loved ones’ safety. Generally speaking, background checking is executed as some sort of prophylaxis to prevent the likelihood of another divorce. Moreover, divorce records are important elements that will help you regain your maiden name and eliminate your ex-partner’s name from all financial agreements, including insurance issues.

California state laws appoint the Department of Public Health and the Mono County Superior Court as the main repositories that archive and release Mono County divorce records as per individual request. It is imperative to note that the Department of Health caches records from 1962 up to June 1984, and the county Superior Court for records later than June 1984. There two types of divorce records in existence. Informational copies are available for retrieval by the general public. Authorized copies, however, are for a much more specific group of people. To obtain the certified authorized copy, you and your ex-spouse’s names must appear in the divorce decree along with any other witnesses and entities indicated by the law. Finally, your parents can also secure a copy of your divorce record.

You can visit the appropriate agencies after gathering as much information about the record that you’re looking for. Complete a request form there or you can download it online from the CDPH. You are then asked to pay 15$ for the processing of your application. Requests from public agencies are charged at 10$. The average turnaround time per individual request is about a few weeks until six months. A Certificate of No Public Record will be provided to you in the event that the requested divorce record is not found.

The internet has paved the way for a variety of services that caters to the different needs of its end-users. Carrying the goal of expediency, online public records retrieval service providers have emerged from the ground, ripe for the picking. Their services are either for free or pay-based, only utilizing a very small amount. Instantaneous and unlimited access to their database has lured countless consumers into performing public records retrieval online as it saves lots of time compared to the traditional process of retrieval. If you are looking for fast and accurate results, these service providers may be worth the try.

Mono County Vital Records

Enumerated below are the simple steps in order to obtain Mono County Divorce Records:

  • Obtain as much information about the divorce record that you’re looking for;
  • Determine your eligibility for an authorized or informational copy; Informational copies share the same information with authorized copies, but will come with a legend that states, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”
  • Complete the request form provided to you, or download the same request form here
  • Secure a processing fee of 15$ or 10$ (for requests coming from public agencies) to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records;
  • Mail your request to the CDPH Vital Records Office;
  • Wait for a few weeks up to six months for the processing of individual requests.

MOno County Court Records

The links provided below are the official websites of the institutions tasked to archive public documents and can further help you out about obtaining divorce records from Mono County:

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