Modoc County Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce are two completely opposite emotional events in a married couple’s life, with the latter only occurring in generally dysfunctional marriages. In fact, a divorce happens in one out of three marriages in the United States. A divorce is deemed legal after the approval from a judge in a court of Law. These records are then cached in the appropriate institutions as specified by different state regulations.

Divorce records are public documents, meaning they can be used for a plethora of reasons. To name a few, they can be used as requirements for regaining one’s maiden name, eliminate the ex-partner’s name from any financial agreements created during the marriage, and it gives one the clearance to remarry. Divorce records have become indispensable tools for background checking for previously-divorced individuals who are contemplating to remarry, as these documents contain relevant information such as histories of all forms of abuse, child custody agreements, and restraining orders, to name a few.

California State Laws appoint the California Department of Public Health and the County Superior Courts within the state’s jurisdiction to archive divorce records from 1962 to June 1984, and registers recorded beyond June 1984, respectively. In addition, state laws also mandate the standard processing fees at 10$ for requests coming from public agencies, and 15$ for any other individual requests. You will then have to wait for a few weeks to six months for your appeal to be processed.

Knowledge about the two types of divorce records can aid you greatly in the overall process of acquiring a copy of Modoc County Divorce Records. Authorized copies of divorce registers can be obtained by the persons who were directly involved during the termination process, their parents, and any other entities or witnesses duly specified in the divorce decree. Informational copies on the other hand, can be procured by the general public. Both copies are issued with a raised seal, confirming their validity. In the event that a requested record cannot be found, a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued by the Office of Vital Records.

The seemingly-limitless possibilities one can do using the internet has made the first decade of the 21st century blossom into an electronic age. The word “convenience” has been the one founding principles of the internet since it took its baby steps, the very concept independent online records retrieval providers uphold to serve and help its end-users. With instantaneous services that are for free or for a payment of a very small amount, online records retrieval has been an emerging trend. If you’re planning to conserve money, time and effort with fast and accurate results, without compromising quality and the safety of your loved ones, online records retrieval might satisfactorily fulfill these needs.

Modoc County Vital Records

Obtaining Modoc County divorce records involves a few simple steps:

  • – Visit the appropriate institution after gathering vital information about the divorce record that you’re looking for;
  • As per California State Laws, determine your eligibility for an authorized or informational copy;
  • Accomplish the request form provided to you, or download the same request form here
  • Secure a processing fee of 15$ or 10$ (for requests coming from public agencies) to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records;
  • Mail your request to the CDPH Vital Records Office
  • Wait for at least a couple of weeks to six months for your request to be processed;
  • Informational copies share the same information with authorized copies, but will come with a legend that states, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”

Modoc County Court Records

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