Marin County Divorce Records

The termination of a marriage is never an easy thing to do, as it messes up with multiple aspects in life aside from the realms of human emotion. Divorces occur in one out of three couples in the United States. A divorce will only be deemed legal once it has been acknowledged and approved by a judge in a court of law. The divorce decree is then considered a public document after it has taken effect, and is archived in institutions, as per state laws.

Divorce records have many uses: It can be used for remarriage, removal of one’s ex-spouse from a bank account or insurance agreements, and for regaining one’s maiden name, to name a few. Persons who want to marry again seek these records for the background scrutiny of the individual whom he or she just met. Divorce registers contain every detail about a person’s spousal history, for example, the exact date and time the event happened, the identified reasons for the dissolution of the marriage, and a possible history of domestic violence, making it a very reliable assessment tool during background checks.

As per California state laws, the primary repositories for divorce records in the state are the California Department of Public Health and the County Superior Court where the divorce took place. The former stores records from 1962 up to June 1984, and the latter caches records later than 1984. There are two types of divorce records: the authorized copy, and the informational copy. The former can be procured by the actual participants of the divorce their parents, and any other entities specified by law. The latter is available for procurement by the general public.

The acquisition of Marin County Divorce Records is relatively easy, once certain steps and requirements are fulfilled accordingly. You can make an appointment with these offices personally, or accomplish a request form online from their websites after gathering as much information about the divorce. Furthermore, state laws require public agencies and the general public to pay 10$ and 15$, respectively, for the processing of individual requests. Do note that determining the type of record you’re pursuing is important. Your requests are then sent to the CDPH Office of Vital Records, and will be processed within a few weeks up to six months.

The internet is a tool available to a judiciously wide public, and it has been the catalyst towards a rising technological revolution. Being a major part of the 21st century, it is hard to imagine a world without connectivity and expediency. Upholding these virtues, various independent online public records retrieval providers have arisen from the ground. They offer pay-based or free access to their database, without compromising worth. Moreover, requests arrive within minutes, so you don’t have to wait for a few weeks to a few months. These service providers are worth the try, if you are aiming to save lots of time, money, and exertion.

Marin County Vital Records

Enumerated below are the steps necessary to secure a copy of a divorce record from Marin County:

  • Obtain as much information about the record that you are seeking;
  • Determine your eligibility for an authorized copy or an informational copy;
  • Visit the CDPH or the Humboldt County Superior Court personally;
  • Complete a request form handed out by the above offices, or download it here
  • Pay the staple 15$ processing fee via check or money order payable to the CDPH Office of Vital Records.
  • Mail your request along with the payment to the same agency;
  • Wait for at least a few weeks up to six months for your requests to be processed;

Marin County Court Records

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