Los Angeles County Divorce Records

The disappointments, indifferences, and heartaches within a dysfunctional relationship culminate with a divorce. Bridges are burned, lives devastated, but there is still hope after you’ve let go and moved on. In the United States one in three marriages is in a collision course with failure, and is therefore answered with divorce. Once a divorce is completed, it will be archived in different institutions as public documents, as mandated by individual state laws all over the country.

Divorce records contain vital information about a person’s matrimonial history such as histories of domestic violence and restraining orders, and are therefore sought by persons who wish to give marriage another shot as a form of background checking. Moreover, divorce registers are also used if you want to revert back to your maiden name and for the removal of your ex-spouse’s name in accounts and insurance policies. It is important to note that divorce records are obtainable once it is approved by a judge in a court of law.

As per California State Laws, Los Angeles County divorce records are cached in the California Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles Superior Court. For a minimum processing amount of 10$ for requests from public agencies, and 15$ for individual requests, along with other requirements, a copy of your desired divorce record will handed over to you after following certain steps.

Knowledge about the different types of divorce records and its necessary prerequisites can be of big help towards someone who is seeking to secure one. Certified authorized copies can be secured by the people whose names are duly specified in law, along with other entities and the divorced couple’s parents. Informational copies on the other hand, can be obtained by the general public. Look for a raised seal in the document to confirm its legitimacy. Accomplish a form by visiting the correct institution or you can download it online from their official web portals. After paying the appropriate processing fees, you can now mail your request to the Office of Vital Records of whichever agencies and Superior Courts of which your desired records are archived. It has been emphasized that your requests will be processed within a few weeks up to six months. In the likelihood that your request can’t be found, a Certificate of No Public record will be given to you.

As more and more remarrying individuals seek out the divorce records of their potential partners, the demand for these public records has gone up. To achieve faster turnaround times, one can try the services of independent online records retrieval providers. For free or for a minimum amount, you can access their database right at the confines of your own home. The key to you and your loved ones’ safety is just a click away.

Los Angeles County Vital Records

Getting a hold of Los Angeles County Divorce Records follows these simple steps:

  • Gather as much information about the record you’re looking for, and visit the CDPH or the County Superior Court;
  • Accomplish a request form, or download the request form here
  • Secure a copy fee of 15$ to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records;
  • Mail your request to the CDPH Vital Records Office;
  • Wait for a few weeks up to six months for the processing of your request.

Los Angeles County Court Records

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