Kern County Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce are two events that will test your emotional fortitude oppositely. Divorce accounts for the termination of one in three marriages in the United States. In the state of California alone, divorce rates have gone up to 60%. Different states and counties have their own way of dealing with vital archives such as divorce records. Considered as public records, divorce registers are safely stockpiled in the state’s Department of Health or the County Superior Court, depending on state laws.

Divorce records attestations that your previous marriage has been legally terminated. A number of reasons can lead one to obtaining divorce records. Remarrying persons, for example, a divorce record can aid them in delving deeper into their new partner’s matrimonial history, as these records contain an abundance of information about a marriage and the grounds as to why the couple decided to terminate it. Moreover, child custody agreements and histories of domestic violence can also be found in these records.

As per California State laws, Kern County Divorce Records are stored in the state’s Department of Health or the Superior Court, depending on the year the event took place. Records of divorces that occurred between 1962 until before June 1984 are cached in the California Department of Public Health, and accounts later than June 1984 are kept in the Kern County Superior Court. A standard processing fee of 15$ is charged per request. The processing of these documents would usually take a few weeks to six months.

There are two types of divorce records: Informational and authorized. The former is the type of document the general public can get their hands on, provided, that they follow certain protocols. Authorized records, on the other hand, can only be obtained the persons listed in the record, their parents, and any other entity duly specified in law. To obtain either copy, you can personally visit or contact the above institutions and file a request form. These request forms are downloadable from the CDPH or the Superior Court’s websites. Then pay the requisite 15$ processing fee to the CDPH Office of Vital Records, and mail your request to the same agency.

Certified authorized or informational copies are issued with a raised seal. In the event your request is unavailable, a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued to you by the appropriate authorities.

Recovery of public documents is now possible via the internet, thanks to independent online records retrieval providers. Fortunately, their services require you to pay a very small amount to access their database. Some service providers offer free services. Either for pay or for free, the public record you’re requesting can be processed within minutes, therefore saving you loads of time, money and effort. So the next time you’re planning to obtain someone’s divorce record, consider using their amenities.

Kern County Vital Records

Getting a hold of Kern County divorce records involves a few simple tasks:

  • Identify if you are appropriate for an authorized or an informational copy;
  • Visit the County’s Superior Court or the Department of Public Health and accomplish a request form; or you can do it online
  • Pay the 15$ dispensation fee to the Office of Vital Records of the state’s Health Department;
  • Mail the request to the same office;
  • Certified copies of a Divorce Certificate are allotted with a raised seal.
  • Wait for around a few weeks to six months for your request to be processed.

Kern County Court Records

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