Inyo County Divorce Records

Divorce is defined as the absolute dissolution of a partnership between a husband and his wife, due to a multiplicity of reasons. One in three marriages will eventually end up being divorced, as per US statistics. Divorce records are public documents that state the legality of your separation that is approved by a judge in a court of Law. These files are then stockpiled for safekeeping as per state policy in the county’s Superior Court, or the state’s Department of Health for an assortment of whys and wherefores.

Remarrying individuals are among the top applicants for obtaining divorce records. Their motives are mostly for background checking: Having this record allows one to delve into a person’s domestic partnership history. Records show information about the divorce process, such as the time and date the divorce happened, reasons for the dissolution, possible histories of partner and child abuse, and custody agreements.

California state laws encompass the process of securing divorce records in its counties. Obtaining Inyo County Divorce Records, as with the state’s other counties, is attainable if you visit the California Department of Public Health for records earlier than 1984, and the Inyo County Superior Court for registers later than June 1984. There are two types of divorce records: Informational and authorized. The former is available for the general public, and contains basic information about a person’s divorce. The latter, on the other hand, is available for the persons involved in the dissolution, their parents, and other entities duly specified by the law. After establishing your eligibility to secure what type of record, you will be asked to complete a request form by the respective institutions. These request forms are also available for download via the internet. Lastly, pay the stipend 15$ processing fee and mail your request to the CDPH Office of Vital Records.

You will have to wait for a few weeks up to six months tops for the processing of your request. Moreover, certified informational and authorized copies of divorce records come with a raised seal. Additionally, in the probability that your request isn’t found, a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued to you. The 15$ processing fee is nonrefundable and will be a compensation for the retrieval efforts.

A notable landmark of the 21st century is its technological revolution, specifically, the birth of the internet. With its emergence, countless end-users have achieved convenience right in the comfort of their own homes. Seeing this as an opportunity to help more people secure public records faster and hassle-free, independent online records retrieval providers have also materialized. Thru paying a small amount of money, or for free, unlimited access to their database can be attained anytime and anywhere. Moreover, turnaround times for your requests would only take minutes, compared with the conventional method. These service providers are worth the try, if you’re contemplating to secure a divorce record in the future.

Inyo County Vital Records

The steps below will walk you through the entire process of securing a copy of divorce records from Inyo County:

  • Conclude if you are appropriate for an authorized or an informational copy;
  • Visit the County’s Superior Court or the Department of Public Health and accomplish a request form;
  • The request form can be downloaded from the CDPH’s website
  • Recompense the 15$ processing fee to the Office of Vital Records of the state’s Health Department;
  • Deliver your requests to the same office;
  • A certified copy of a Divorce Certificate is issued with a raised seal.
  • The average estimated processing time for your request is roughly a few weeks to six months.

Inyo County Court Records

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