Humboldt County Divorce Records

Within the confines of the California Department of Public Health and the County Superior Court are the divorce records of all the couples who underwent dissolution of partnership. These are kept for a variety of reasons, be it to keep track of the trends concerning divorces statistically for comparison or for remarrying individuals who want to perform a background check of the person he/she is currently dating. The general idea for the latter reason is that divorce is a stressful ordeal, and no one wants to undergo the same process twice.

A divorce record is a document that proves that you are officially divorced and is therefore recognized by a judge in a court of Law. Another thing to consider is what type of certified record you can obtain. An authorized copy can be obtained by the persons whose names are in the record, their parents, and other entities specified in law. For any other requestors, a certified informational copy will be issued to them. Both copies will be issued with a raised seal.

Obtaining these public documents will cost you 15$, as per state policy. The standard processing time for your requests is around a few weeks to six months. A Certificate of No Public Record will be issued to you if the above institutions are unable to locate your requested document. Do note, though, that the stipend is nonrefundable and will be given in compensation for the processing efforts.

Getting a hold of Humboldt County Divorce Records will take you through a few simple steps: First, you need to determine your eligibility to secure an authorized copy. Unless otherwise specified by the law, you are only given a certified informational copy of your entreaty as per State policy. Next is to visit the CDPH or the Superior Court of the county wherein the divorce took place, and accomplish a request form. You will then pay the regular dispensation fee of 15$. Lastly, address your mail to the CDPH Vital Records Office for processing.

Nowadays, it seems that more and more married couples are deciding to put their relationships on the chopping block. Consequently, more and more individuals are looking to start all over again. With these facts in check, the demand for divorce records is at an all-time high. Thanks to the Internet, unlimited access to these public is possible. Independent online records retrieval providers offer their services for free or for pay, meaning, a small amount will be paid to use their services. What’s more, is that processing times for your requests will only take you minutes, and can therefore save heaps of time, money and effort, without sacrificing quality. You might want to try their services the next time you decide to secure a divorce record, or any other public records.

Humboldt County Vital Records

Several easy steps stand between you and the divorce request you’re planning to obtain:

  • – Gather as much information about the divorce record that you are looking for;
  • – Assess whether you are qualified to obtain an authorized copy. If not, settle for an informational copy;
  • – Visit the CDPH or the Humboldt County Superior Court personally, via phone patch, or online;
  • – Complete a request form in the above offices, or download it here
  • – Pay the 15$ processing fee via check or money order payable to the CDPH Office of Vital Records.
  • – Mail your request to the same agency;
  • – Wait for at least a few weeks up to six months for your requests to be processed;

Humboldt County Court Records

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