Glenn County Divorce Records

The exchange of “vows of loving each other forever” during a marriage is truly a moment worth cherishing for all the days of your lives together. However, for dysfunctional marriages, “forever” terminates in divorce. These public records have legal implications and are thus stored in the county’s Superior Court or in the state’s Department of Health, depending on the year the divorce transpired.

Having your divorce recorded means that your separation has undergone the due process, and was signed by a judge in a court of Law. Remarrying individuals secure such public documents to signify the legality of their separation, and are thus ready to embark on another voyage in life. A sizeable number of the majority of people who want to secure a divorce record do it for security purposes and general background checks.

It will take you minutes to file a request form from the appropriate institutions, and a few weeks to six months for it to be processed. First, you must determine if you are qualified to obtain an authorized copy, if not, then an informational copy will best fill your needs. To be able to get an authorized copy, your name must appear in the record, along with other individuals specified in law. Furthermore, your parents can also secure an authorized copy. After doing so, visit the CDPH or the County Superior Court and accomplish a request form. Such request forms are also available for download via the above institutions’ websites. Finally, mail your request to the CDPH Office of Vital Records after paying the mandated processing fee of 15$.

Certified copies are hallmarked by a raised seal, be it informational or authorized. It is important to know, though, that the former contains only basic details about the person’s marital history. Additionally, if the public agency is unable to find the record that you desired, they will issue a Certificate of No Public Record to you. The standard 15$ processing fee is nonrefundable, and will be given as compensation for the overall retrieval efforts.

The electronic age has constructed a superhighway of information for mankind’s overall convenience – the Internet. Access to millions of documents is now achievable, thanks to independent online records retrieval providers. Be it for free, or for pay, processing times for your requests are hugely cut, compared to the traditional method. Access to Glenn County divorce records is now attainable within minutes, thanks to these service providers. Heaps of time, money and effort are conserved, without compromising quality and accuracy.

Glenn County Vital Records

Securing divorce records from Glenn County follows these steps:

  • – Determine if you are qualified to secure an informational or an authorized copy;
  • – Authorized and informational records can be obtained in person, via mail and over the phone;
  • – Application forms can be downloaded here
  • – A 15$ processing fee is asked of you, and must be paid to the CDPH Office of Vital Records;
  • – Mail your request to the same institution;
  • – The standard waiting time for your request is around a few weeks to six months.

Glenn County Court Records

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