Fresno County Divorce Records

The recording of the incidences of marriages and divorces in a place is a vital determinant of its socioeconomic and socio cultural status. Dysfunctional marriages will almost always lead to a divorce, and they are influenced by a multiplicity of factors. County Superior Courts and the state’s Department of Health play an essential role in the storage, processing and releasing of these public documents.

A divorce record signifies that the termination of your marriage has been acknowledged and signed by a judge in a court of Law, and is therefore legal. The vast majority of divorced couples wish to obtain such documents for the purpose of remarriage. Securing a divorce record of the person whom you’re planning to spend the rest of your days with gives you and additional safety check. Background checking is a form of assessment wherein unfolding a person’s marital, divorce and other relevant information can prevent future mishaps in the relationship. Moreover, the examination of a person’s history helps ensure your safety, as well as your nearest and dearest’s.

Fresno County divorce records, as said earlier, are kept by the California Department of Public Health and the Fresno County Superior Court. There are two types of certified copies an individual can procure. The first one is the authorized copy. To be able to obtain this, your name should appear in the record. The parents of both you and your partner can also obtain the record, along with any entities specified by the law. The informational copy on the other hand, can be obtained by anyone. Do note that both documents are certified, and this is marked by a raised seal. For nonexistent divorce records, a Certificate of No Public record can be handed over to you.

After assessing your eligibility for an authorized or an informational copy, visit the local Superior Court (for records later than 1984) in your county or the state’s Department of Health (for records in the year 1962 until June 1984), and complete a request form for security reasons. If you are after convenience, digital copies of the application form are available for public download via the above institutions’ web portals. After paying the 15$ processing fee to the Office of Vital Records, mail your completed request form to the same agency. The average turnaround times for your request will take a few weeks up to six months.

The Internet has always been reliable over the years for a plethora of tasks. It is a gold mine of information, provided, that you know where to look. With these facts in check, millions of end-users have saved time, money, and effort. This technological revolution has paved the way for online records retrieval providers. Unlimited access to their database is either for free, or for pay. Your lane to safety is just a click away, and results arrive in minutes. The next time you’re planning to obtain public records such as divorce registers, consider the services of these online concessionaires.

Fresno County Vital Records

Obtaining Fresno County Divorce Records follows a few steps, along with additional information:

  • – Conclude if you are eligible for an authorized or an informational copy;
  • – Visit the CDPH or the Fresno County Superior Court and complete a request form;
  • – The above request form is also available for download via the CDPH’s website
  • – Pay the 15$ processing fee to the CDPH Office of Vital Records
  • – Mail your requests to the same office;
  • – The estimated turnaround time for your request is around a few weeks to six months.

Fresno County Court Records

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