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Free divorce records are generally available to the public and can be obtained from almost any state’s vital statistics departments. These free public divorce records often contain information that may help you hire someone to work in your business or become a caregiver to a child or an elderly person – or to help solve a genealogical mystery for a family tree. That’s because divorce records often contain data such as previous addresses and phone numbers, spousal names and A.K.A names and former places of employment. Free public divorce records may contain just the information you need to ensure that a person in your life is telling the truth and not hiding something sinister from his past. Other reasons for performing a free public divorce records search include the following:

Financial background – Bankruptcy information and other pertinent financial information that may have been included in the divorce may be revealed in a divorce records search.
Property – If a person has ever owned property or has liens against properties, it will likely be found in a free divorce records search.
Relatives’ names – Parents full names and addresses, plus other relatives might be included in the free public divorce records search.
Immigration issues – A search through free divorce records may reveal the information you need to find out if a person has legally entered the country.

Most professionals, including legal and genealogical professionals, rely on the services of private online search sites to provide them with full reports contained in divorce records. When you search through free public divorce records through the state, you may not be getting the full picture of the person’s divorce background. Online search sites provide you with a full and easy to understand report that may also contain information from other states and countries. For a small fee, you can be assured that you’re getting timely and accurate information and that nothing is left to chance. In most cases, if no information is found on the name you submit, you pay nothing.

When you rely on state based services for your free public divorce records search, you may get into a quagmire that takes up your time and effort – and still not get the vital records you were hoping for. A private, online site is like using a private investigator to thoroughly search every avenue that could be essential in the divorce data you need. And, when using a private, online search site, it’s usually a one-click process. After you enter the full name of the person(s) involved in the divorce and click “Submit,” the search begins and a full report is delivered to your private email address.

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