El Dorado County Divorce Records

Marriages are events in life that are treasured like gold for all the days of your life together. However, not all marriages are potential “happily ever after” candidates. Such dealings have legal insinuations, and are thus archived in the state’s Department of Health or the county’s Superior Court, for an assortment of uses. Such public documents are available for all, as long as the necessary guidelines and imbursements are dealt with accordingly.

The most important use of a divorce record is to ensure that the dissolution of your marriage is legal and that the documents were signed by a Judge in a Court of Law. Remarriage stands as one of the main reasons why divorced couples secure such official papers. With the advent of speed dating and online courting sites in today’s fast-paced world, the need to unfold a person’s history is of paramount importance, for you and your loved ones’ protection.

In California, authorized copies of divorce records can only be obtained by the individuals named on the record, their parents, and other persons specified in law. Copies El Dorado County Divorce records are archived in the Superior Court of the county where the divorce took place. Records from 1962 to 1984, however, can be accessed via the California Department of Public Health. State laws require requestors to secure a processing fee of 15$. The usual processing time for these records is about a few weeks to six months. A Certificate of No Public Record will be issued to you if the record you’re looking for cannot be found.

After determining whether you are able to secure an authorized or an informational copy, you can now file a request for the record you’re applying for. Just visit the Office of Vital Records, or the County’s Superior Court. For convenience, one can also visit the mentioned institutions’ websites and download the application form online. After paying the standard processing fee, you can now send your request to the Office of Vital Records.

Nowadays, access to anything and everything is possible via the internet. This trend has allowed independent records retrieval providers to take their services online. Compared to the conventional method, processing times for your request will only take you a few minutes. What’s more, unlimited access to their database is guaranteed for free or for pay. The next time you’re looking for fast results, without ever compromising the quality, consider using online records retrieval services.

El Dorado County Vital Records

Access to El Dorado County Divorce Records can be achieved through the following steps:

  • – Determine if you are eligible for an authorized or an informational copy;
  • – Visit the County’s Superior Court or the Department of Public Health and accomplish a request form;
  • – The above request form can be downloaded from the CDPH’s website
  • – Recompense the 15$ processing fee to the Office of Vital Records of the state’s Health Department;
  • – Mail your requests to the same office;
  • – Be sure to know if your document needs to be certified or not. A certified copy of a Divorce Certificate is issued with a raised seal.
  • – The estimated processing time for your request is about a few weeks to six months.

El Dorado County Court Records

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