Calaveras County Divorce Records

Divorce is an emotionally-wrenching process that is accompanied by bundles of varied sentiments: Shock and bewilderment, mourning, remorse, guilt, regret, dismay and devastation. As of 2013, one in three marriages would typically end up in dissolution. The recording of such vital events are of big help to individuals who are planning to remarry after careful holistic deliberation and premeditation. Doing a background check about your new companion eases the process of booking another ticket towards a new life. Such measures are done to determine of that person really is worth your time and effort.

The main depositories for these records are at the California Department of Public Health, for records earlier than 1984, and at the Calaveras County Superior Court for registers later than 1984. Records from the former source aren’t certified. To obtain certified copies of Calaveras County Divorce Records, one should refer his/her concerns to the Superior Court of the said county.

California State laws dictate that one is eligible to receive a certified authorized copy of the divorce record if you meet certain criteria: If you are the parents of the split couple, and other concerned bodies specified by the law. A certified informational copy is granted towards entities that do not meet such parameters. Informational copies consist of basic information about the divorce, viz. the names of the people involved, the reason(s) for separation, and other basic details.

State laws require you to pay a regular processing fee of 15$ for both authorized and informational copies. It will usually take a few weeks to six months for your request to be processed. After determining where to obtain your desired record and your eligibility as to which type of copy you’ll be acquiring, you can download the request form online. After filling up important details in the application form and securing the payment, mail it to the California Department of Public Health. If your requested divorce record is not found, you will be given a Certificate of No Public Record.

The seemingly-limitless possibilities in data storage and retrieval using the Internet has lured independent records retrieval providers to set up their services online, bringing with them the intentions of convenience for all end-users. These services are either for free, or for pay, but for the latter, a minimal payment is charged to gain unlimited access to their database anytime. Vital information that will keep you and your loved ones safe is just a click away, right at the comfort of your own home.

Calaveras County Vital Records

The steps below will walk you through on what to do in order to secure a copy of a divorce record in Calaveras County:

  • – Determine if the record you’re asking for is available from the CDPH Vital Records, or the county’s Superior Court
  • – Determine your suitability for an authorized or an informational copy
  • – if you are ordering a Record of Divorce from the CDPH Vital Records, download and complete an application form
  • – Secure a copy fee of 15$ to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records
  • – Mail your request to the CDPH Vital Records Office
  • – Estimated turnaround time will take several weeks up to six months.

Calaberas County Court Records

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