Butte County Divorce Records

In the US, one in three marriages would usually end up in divorce. Furthermore, it has the highest divorce rate among major countries in the world. California is not an exception, as divorce rates in the state alone has gone up to 60%. Reasons for divorce range from overwhelming emotional burdens to financial incapability. These legal documents are stored in Vital Records section of the state’s department of Health, or in local Superior Courts per county. Moreover, these records have innate legal implications, and are thus kept for a variety of purposes.

Obtaining divorce records are primarily for finding out more about a person’s past. Essentially, if you’re planning to get wed again, it is of utmost importance to know who the person you’re marrying really is, so as to avoid another divorce. Furthermore, the importance of getting a background check of the person you just met will keep you and your loved ones from harm’s way.

You can research Butte County divorce records from the Butte County Superior Court, for records later than 1984, and the California Department of Public Health, Vital Records Office for records from the year 1962 up to June 1984. A standard processing fee of 15$ is a requisite as required by state laws. It would usually take several weeks to six months for the said institutions to process your request. Should your entreaty is not found; a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued by the state.

Only the individuals named on the divorce record can get a certified authorized copy of it, along with their parents, and other entities that were specified by the law. If you are not otherwise specified by the law, you can only obtain a certified informational copy of the said divorce record. After which, you will download and complete an application form should you want to request for a copy of the said record. A certified copy fee of 15$ must go with all requests for copies of vital records. Afterwards, address your mail to the CDPH Vital Records Office. The standard turnaround time for these records takes about a few weeks up to six months.

Searching for information nowadays via the Internet is the trend. With that being said, obtaining divorce records has never been so practical. Additionally, online databases from independent online record providers can be accessed anytime for free, or after paying a very minimal fee. Results arrive within a few minutes, ergo saving time, money and effort.

Butte County Vital Records

Obtaining a divorce record from Butte County follows a few simple steps that are enumerated below:

  • – Determine if the record you’re asking for is available from the CDPH Vital Records, and your suitability to obtain an authorized or an informational copy.
  • – Download and complete an application form
  • – A copy fee of 15$ must be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records
  • – Requests are then sent to the CDPH Vital Records Office
  • – Estimated turnaround time will take several weeks up to six months.

Butte County Court Records

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