California Legal Steps To Get Over With Your Spouse in Divorce

The divorce rate in California is quite high at 75% that’s why it has become alarming to many as to why married individuals end up divorcing even after many years of being together. Because of this, California has established a fair legal process for both spouses as they decide to part ways and move on with their lives. The steps are clearly outlined by the California government for the public to follow through in order to have a smooth and peaceful transition.

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Average Cost of Divorce Now Reached To $18,400

Imagine how much it will cost you to file for a divorce or go through with a divorce with your spouse. It is going to cost an average of $18,400 in over 8 months of attending to hearings and all. Plus, the alarming report says that 50% of the marriage in the U.S. don’t last very long, couples ended up going separate ways. People must think several times and must be rational before deciding to get married with someone for it should be a commitment that should last forever.

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41% Of First Time Couple End Up in a Divorce

With the kind of culture that Americans have, marriages seem to not last forever. In fact, data revealed that 41% of marriages end up in a divorce. 60% of second marriages end in divorce, then 70% of third marriages end in divorce. And then, 75% of children usually live with their mother after the divorce. The lesson here would be to think a lot of times before entering into the bond of marriage. For it would be worthless if after all it will just be destroyed.

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Facts Surrounding The Divorces in America

Couples who have lived together before marriage are likely to get divorced. More so, an average of 8 years marriages are nullified. However, study reveals that 6% of divorced individuals ended up remarrying each other. But the sad part for those who have separated for good is that 65% of divorced mothers don’t receive child support. More so, 70% of divorced children see such legal separation as the remedy to marital challenges.

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The Percentages That End In Divorce

The more marriages you have been into the more likely you are going to get a divorce. 41% of those who got married the first time would end up getting divorced, 60% for those who got married twice and 73% for those who got married the third time. So, it goes without saying that the more relationships you have had the more it is that you eventually get separated from that person. The reason is yet to be studied but that’s the actual percentages now for those that end in divorce.

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The Truth To Know Behind Child Support

The non-custodial parent gets to pay for the child support depending on his or her income. However, based on reports not all of these non-custodial parents did pay for the said support. In fact, on the 12.5 million parents, only three quarters can afford the payments. Child support must be agreed upon in good faith, parents who are splitting must have an amicable divorce in order to fairly provide their children the things that they need more especially for their future needs.

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Unresolved Issues Between Husband and Wife Result To Divorce

A study reveals that 69% of the divorces are caused by unresolved marital problems. If they started fighting and never really come to a solution to their issues and differences then the percentage of breaking up is very high. Dr. Gottman made a study with over 3,000 couples and he was 90% accurate as to which of the couples will keep the marriage and which ones are going to call it quits.

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A Massive $15,000 Average Cost To Process A Divorce In The U.S.

It is not that easy to just decide to be separated or get divorced because of the financial implications it brings. That’s why couples are rather encouraged to fix things up rather than getting broke for spending a lot of money. It is even more difficult for those who have children for the expenses could get bigger because of the budget or expenses to be allocated for the kids as part of the legal agreement. Plus, a divorce attorney’s professional fee for sure gets a big cut of your personal money and maybe your savings too.

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