How Is Child Custody Awarded By The Court

Over 6.4 million individuals divorce every year all over the world and 25% of married men have had at least one extramarital affair. Also, 15% of married women have had at least one extramarital affair. There is the issue of infidelity, in fact the most common problem why relationships are ruined. Experts have studied how divorces happened, showing the trend and aftermath of it. Learn more of its history so you can be fully aware on how you can avoid having a failure relationship.

Child Custody Decree

Some parents wonder why the court would give the rights of child custody to their former spouses when they think they have the right to take good care of their kids. However, the court sees a lot of factors in determining who gets to be awarded with child custody. There are certain factors being considered so that they will exactly know to whom the child should go with. Please see infographic below for the various factors which you also might want to know about as you try to understand the decision of the court when it comes to child support and custody.


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