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What Should You Know About Your Divorce Lawyer

There are technically five questions which you need to be asking to a divorce lawyer before you decide on hiring him or here. First, are you licensed in the said State? Second, how long have you been practicing divorce law? Third, what’s you style in managing divorce cases? Fourth, have you written any publications regarding divorce? Fifth, how do you handle your billing? These are the significant questions which you need to ask to make sure that you are in good hands with your lawyer.

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Technical Information To Know About Child Support in California

Some people who have divorced in California do not actually fullfil the terms that they have agreed on in court. In fact, there is a $19.2 billion delinquency in child support in the said State. Also, California is known to have the highest child support interest rates in the country, with 10% annually. Parents who do not pay child support shall be brought to court for questioning as to why they cannot provide such assistance.

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Understanding Joint and Sole Custody

So, what do you know about joint and sole custody? Here are some details that anybody would want to know more especially those who are going through a divorce. So, note that whenever possible the court would grant Joint Custody. It enables you to split both time and expenses between the parents equally. On the other hand, sole custody is awarded when there is evidence of physical, alcohol, or other substance abuse. Sole legal custody is rarely awarded. That’s the difference between the two for your legal information.

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Matters To Discuss When Going Through A Legal Separation

You must always anticipate the legal issues that could arise if you are having some marital trouble with your espouse. Legal separation is never an easy process. There are four stages that you should go through in order to surpass it. First, create a separation agreement. Second, settle Child Custody issue. Third, Living Arrangements. And finally the fourth, Getting Back Together. If you don’t get back together you will be facing more issues along the way. Hence, couples are encouraged to settle things within themselves to avoid the hassle and complicated process of legal separation.

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How Is Child Custody Awarded By The Court

Over 6.4 million individuals divorce every year all over the world and 25% of married men have had at least one extramarital affair. Also, 15% of married women have had at least one extramarital affair. There is the issue of infidelity, in fact the most common problem why relationships are ruined. Experts have studied how divorces happened, showing the trend and aftermath of it. Learn more of its history so you can be fully aware on how you can avoid having a failure relationship.

Child Custody Decree

Some parents wonder why the court would give the rights of child custody to their former spouses when they think they have the right to take good care of their kids. However, the court sees a lot of factors in determining who gets to be awarded with child custody. There are certain factors being considered so that they will exactly know to whom the child should go with. Please see infographic below for the various factors which you also might want to know about as you try to understand the decision of the court when it comes to child support and custody.


Study Shows Pattern on People Who Are Getting A Divorce

Couples who are living together before college are more likely to split up and eventually get divorced. On the contrary, those who graduated in college and then get married are less likely to divorce, there is only a slight percentage of 11% being divorced seen among them. So, looking at the statistics, educated individuals are not keen on divorcing, but on keeping the marriage healthy.

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