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Don’t Separate, Talk and Resolve Differences

One reason why couples come to a point of divorcing is because of their decision to get separated and never talk at all. Well, for some reason this would really lead to calling it quits simply because the issues are not being discussed which means both parties don’t find a way to remedy the problem. However, if they still stay together, 75% of them are unlikely to divorce. That is the key to saving ones marriage.

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Infidelity Makes The Relationship Rusty Until It Stops Working Well

Infidelity is a serious sin simply because one had broken the vows of marriage. It is shocking though that 20% of men claimed to have committed adultery while 10% of women also claimed to have done the same. Nevertherless, whether they admit it or not it would still not change the consequence that it is going to make such marriage fall. So, why would you have an affair with someone else if you don’t want your marriage in the first place? The future of your relationship as husband and wife depends on your choices at present.

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Unresolved Issues Between Husband and Wife Result To Divorce

A study reveals that 69% of the divorces are caused by unresolved marital problems. If they started fighting and never really come to a solution to their issues and differences then the percentage of breaking up is very high. Dr. Gottman made a study with over 3,000 couples and he was 90% accurate as to which of the couples will keep the marriage and which ones are going to call it quits.

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