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Facts and Statistics You Ought To Know About Divorce

If you are not too sure yet about getting married because of the fact that not all marriages last forever then you must do a little research about the facts on divorces at present. Yes, 10% of the population in the U.S. is divorced, and these divorced individuals only get married again after 3 years. Also, the average age to get a divorce is 30 years old. Find out more data and statistics related to divorce in the infographic below.

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What Study Has Found Out About Couples Breaking Up

We probably can tell why couples decide to end their marriage, but on a technical side there is a more scientific reason why married individuals breakup. A study done on 30,000 participants has illustrated the worst and best predictors of breakup. So, here are the factors which could tell you if a relationship is in the verge of being ruined or if it is going to stay strong for years and years to come.

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Why Do Marriages Come To An End?

The fate of people’s marriages depend on the choices made by each spouse on a daily basis. If one chooses to get sexually tempted by another woman or man then that’s a big ground for divorce. Bad behavior which resulted to too much drinking or drugs is also a significant factor. As per results of survey being conducted, adultery and ugly behavior are the two most common reasons why marriages had to end. The court will always open a case for it as the two are solid grounds for filing a divorce.

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U.S. Ranked Second With Highest Divorce Rates In The World

On top of U.S. is Sweden which took the 55% highest divorce rate in the world. Then followed by, U.S., Australia, U.K. and Canada respectively. On this note, divorced people are reportedly seen to alcohol drinking and other vices. More so, more women are initiating the idea of divorce against men. It comprised 70% of wives filing a divorce against their husbands. Up to this time, 50% is the divorce rate in America as reported by the National Survey of Family Growth.

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Careful Considerations Needed When Deciding About Marriage and Divorce

28% of children from divorced parents are living below the poverty line. This means that divorces do really make a huge impact on a lot of things more especially to children. Thus, parents must seriously consider the factor underlying the decision to file for a divorce because the result of it could be life-changing and it could either be for good or bad. Hence, adults are urged to make mature and responsible choices when thinking about getting married and for married people to be responsible enough when in the verge of planning to divorce.

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Top Three Counties in California With High Divorce Rates

San Franciso, Los Angels and San Diego have high divorce rates in California. Ironically, the most active month according to reports for divorce is February and the least active month is October. More so, 50% of marriages never worked out for a long time, they end up separating and eventually get divorced. In the U.S. the more marriages a person has, the higher chances he or she has to get divorced again.

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41% Of First Time Couple End Up in a Divorce

With the kind of culture that Americans have, marriages seem to not last forever. In fact, data revealed that 41% of marriages end up in a divorce. 60% of second marriages end in divorce, then 70% of third marriages end in divorce. And then, 75% of children usually live with their mother after the divorce. The lesson here would be to think a lot of times before entering into the bond of marriage. For it would be worthless if after all it will just be destroyed.

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