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The Three Stages To Filing a Divorce

There are three phases which you will go through when filing for a divorce. First, file a divorce petition. Second, apply for a decree nisi. Third, apply for a decree absolute. It is absolutely important that you know your rights and how you deal about getting divorced from your espouse. You have to do what you have to do in order to formally and officially legalized your separation from your former husband or wife.

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The Costly Divorces In The History of America

The divorces with really expensive costs come from the hollywood stars and singers. Among those with expensive divorces are the divorces of Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva, Lionel and Diane Richie, Kenny and Marianne Rogers and Ted Danson and Diandra Douglas. Please see infogrphic below as to have these divorces become very expensive in the history of divorces in the United States.

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Information on The Cost You Spend When Filing a Divorce

There are factors affecting the amount that you are going to be spending for while going through a divorce. These factors include the divorce route, court costs, mediation costs, complexity of affair, custody battle, debts and marital assets, real estate fees and others. You should be able to identify these factors so you will have an idea as to how much you are going to be spending in totality.

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Filing Divorce California

Guiding Steps To File A Divorce

For those who do not know how to get started in filing for a divorce here are the tips which you need to be doing. The steps include hiring an attorney, file your petition and open your case with the court, serve the other party with the petition, wait 30 days for the other party to respond, exchange income, asset and debt information with the other party, conduct discovery which includes document production, interrogatories and subpoenas if necessary. For more detail please see infographic below.

Filing Divorce California

Filing Divorce California

Facts and Statistics of Divorce Based on Actual Report

You will be shocked at how divorces have increased over time. Here are some facts about the divorces in America. First, 10% of the U.S. residents is divorced. Second, for first marriages there is 24% chances of them getting divorced, for second marriage there is 34% chances of them getting divorced and for third marriages there is 42% chances of them getting divorced. See more facts about divorce below.

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The Primary Cause of Divorce in our Day Today

Couples get divorced for many reasons but the top reasons why they go separate ways include the following. First, communication problems, although they live together but they lack quality time to talk about themselves maybe because they are both too busy with work. Second, infidelity or betrayal, when a person is seduced and gave in to it easily. Third, financial problems. Fourth, loss of interest. For other reasons you may go through the list or information in the infographic below.

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The Reasons Your Spouse Cheat On You

Sometimes when the relationship is already long some people are too complacent already about themselves. However, there certain things which could potentially ruin the relationship. Women cheat because they are attracted to another guy and they also cheat because they want to reaffirm desirability. On the other hand, men cheat because they expect more intimacy in the relationship and apart from that they simply wanted to try having a relationship with another woman. Hence, this becomes the reason why divorce rate has gone higher and higher each time.

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How Is Cheating Associated To Divorces

Cheating happens anywhere in this world. How does one end up cheating on his or her spouse? Who is more likely to cheat? Well, they are those who are narcissist, people whose parents cheated, people who have the cheating gene, an the men who have large testicles. With cheating, the possibility of getting divorced is big. Hence, spouses need to check on each other’s back to ensure that you don’t have the chance to cheat on your partner.

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How Divorce Document Preparation is Done in 3 Steps

There’s basically three steps in divorce document preparation. First step, questionnaires will be filled-out. The forms will ask you about the agreements and explain what personal information and supporting documents you need to provide. Second step, you review all the legal documents and have the opportunity to revise them before signing. Third step, file and serve all the required documents with the court. All these legal steps must be undertaken in order to not encounter any issues at all which could only hamper the situation.

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How Children Can Be Affected By Parents Who Divorced

According to study, boys are more affected with the result of divorce among parents because most of the time it is the mother who will raise them or take care of them. The challenging part is the lack of male role-model wherein boys feel not comfortable with how mothers or women deal with boys. Please see infographic below for the other effects leading to the declaration of divorce among couples today.

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