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Things You Can Do To Avoid Divorce From Happening

Divorces happen because of some failures in the areas of marriage life. Hence, you got to be very careful next time as a healthy and strong relationship would depend on the choices and behaviour you make at present. Here are some of the great tips. First, maintain healthy communication. Second, manage good expectations. Third, have patience all the time. Fourth, discuss finances openly.

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Facts On Marriage Breakdown and and Divorce

There are ups and downs in marriage. Here are some facts related to the collapse of marriages and which eventually leads to divorce. First, 36% thought divorce would be a personal failure so kept working at their marriage. Second, 53% discussed the idea of divorce with someone other than their partner beforehand. Third, 36% spoke to their lawyer before deciding to get divorced.

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Learning More About Family Law Via The Social Media

If you want to be educated about family law then you have to learn it from the experts and the good thing is that there are online platforms today which anyone can leverage for information purposes. First, 21% from facebook checked out the social media pages of law firms. Second, 25% used twitter or facebook to ask friends for recommendations. Third, 20% vetted names of lawyers with social media contacts. Please see infographic below.

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What More Likely Causes A Divorce?

If you want to know a few things which could lead to divorce then you must ponder upon these common grounds why a divorce occurs. First, one or both of you are smokers. Second, one person does all the chores. Third, you hang out with divorce people. Fourth, you met in a bar. Fifth, you have a daughter instead of a son. Sixth, you have financial problems. Please see more information below for more data as to why divorce is more likely to transpire.

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The Rule of Law on Child Support Scenario

Child support has certain rules and regulations as provided by law. Here are some facts which you need to keep in mind always as you go through the divorce proceeding with your spouse. First, child support is a vital source of income as an aid to help raise kids of divorcing parents. Second, the amount to support depends on the noncustodial parent’s income. Third, child support amounts are also dependent on the number of children. Kindly see outline below for your information.

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Divorce and Family Law Imposed in California

In 2012 there were almost 160,000 marital case filings in California. And, in the state, only one of the two parties is represented by an attorney in at least 80% of all family law cases. To date, the divorce rate in California reaches to about 75%. Relative to this, the state has a mandatory cooling off period where the earliest time in which a divorce can be completed is within 6 months.

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Collaborative Effort To Attain a Peaceful Divorce

There must be good collaboration among the people involved in a divorce in order to have a smooth and peaceful proceeding. The individuals involved are the lawyers of both parties, the husband and wife, children, and witnesses. Hence, there must be direct communication between all participants. Also, it is necessary to have a professional team tailored to your family’s needs.

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The Law on Family Divorce Process

People who are thinking or planning to get a divorce must know the basic things on how to actually get the process done legally. There are three simple steps which you have to go through in order for you to perform the legitimate procedure of it. Phase 1 would be about filing the case before the court. Phase 2 would hiring a lawyer to present your petition. Phase 3 would be preparing for trial before a judge.

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The Steps To Take When You Go Through Separation

There are legitimate steps which you need to follow through when you are totally decided to get separated from your spouse. First, you need to hire a legal representative to orient you as to how the process would go. Second, you both need to decide on living arrangement. Third, you discuss who is going to pay particular bills. Please see more steps and things to accomplish from the infographic below.

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The Legitimate Procedure in Filing a Divorce

There are three stages or phrases which you need to go through when you are planning or thinking of filing a divorce. First, the assessment part which includes information session case, assessment conference and procedural hearings. Second, resolution stage which comprises case management and dispute resolution and where mediation occurs as well. Third, preparation for trial pre-trial conference and the trial before a judge.

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