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Legal Data on Divorce and Children of Today

Child support is something which some people don’t know how to fullfil nowadays. These are some of the facts which on divorce and children that are apparently transpiring in our time today. First, 43% of children are growing without their fathers. Second, 75% of children with divorced parents lived with their mother. Third, 28% of children who have divorced parents live below poverty line.

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What Are The Factors Being Considered To Award Child Custody

There are things that have to be considered when awarding child custody to someone. First, the age, physical and mental condition of each parent. Second, the role that each parent has played. Third, the reasonable preference of the child. Fourth, the age, physical and mental condition of the child. Fifth, the relationship existing between each parent and each child.

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Child Support and Parental Responsibility

Parents who have been awarded and those now awared by the court of child custody must be aware of their duties and responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities they have include: First, non-custodial parent must pay for the support. Second, payment is calculated based on income. Third, payment ends when the child is 18 years old. Fourth, payment amounts are reviewed every four years.

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Support Myths

The Myths and the Truths About Child Support

Both parents should be educated on how child support works. Hence, they must know the myths and facts about it. Here are some myths. First, only one parent owes child support. Second, once the support amount is approved by the court, they cannot be changed. Third, the support money can only be spend to children. On another note, the facts including: First, each parent should contribute in giving the support. Second, either parent can request a review of the child support. Third, the receiving parent is not required to explain how the support is spent.

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Support Myths

Child Responsibilities of Divorcing Parents

Study tells that there is 200% chances of filing a divorce when these people come from divorced homes. And so, it is important that child support law must be observed in order to sustain and support children as they grow up. Please see infographic below for you to know that things which divorcing parents should be providing to the kids as they go separate ways.

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The Custody Facts That You Should Know

There are realities which you must know nowadays in order for you to be fully aware of what is really happening when it comes to child custody. First, an estimated 13.7 million single parents in the United States have custody over 21.8 million children under the age of 21. Second, an estimated 82.6% of custodial parents in the United States are mothers. Third, an estimated 17.4% of custodial parents in the United States are single fathers. Please see infographic below for more details.

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Parents Responsibilities During The Divorce

Parents hold great responsibility to their children after the break-up. Here are some of the things which parents must do. First, non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent. Second, the amount to give will be based on income earned. Third, child support payments end when the child is 18 years old. Fourth, payment amounts are reviewed every four years. Please see more information below for details.

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How Is Child Support Being Awarded?

You probably are curious as to how to get awarded with child custody. First, the age and physical and mental condition of the parent. Second, the role that each parent played and will play in the future. Third, the reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child of reasonable intelligence. These are just few of the factors which one needs to know of when being awarded by child custody.

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Taking A Deeper Understanding of Child Custody

What are some important things you should know about child custody so you can better prepare yourself when you are faced with such a situation. There are actually three kinds and they include physically custody, legal custody and joint vs sole custody. Please see more data below for more insights related to divorce and child custody.

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What California Has in Store For Child Care

Child support is one thing that parents should be doing these days to their kids. The non-custody parent is required by law to provide the basic needs of their children. Otherwise, he will be held liable by the court. Parents should not dare neglect their duties to their kids for they could be put in prison if they do not fulfill such responsibilities. Please some more facts related to child care in California from the infographic below.

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