How Is Child Support Being Awarded?

You probably are curious as to how to get awarded with child custody. First, the age and physical and mental condition of the parent. Second, the role that each parent played and will play in the future. Third, the reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child of reasonable intelligence. These are just few of the factors which one needs to know of when being awarded by child custody.

Custody Award California

The Steps To Take When You Go Through Separation

There are legitimate steps which you need to follow through when you are totally decided to get separated from your spouse. First, you need to hire a legal representative to orient you as to how the process would go. Second, you both need to decide on living arrangement. Third, you discuss who is going to pay particular bills. Please see more steps and things to accomplish from the infographic below.

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Recent Trends and Child’s Influence on Marriage and Divorce

These days, religion seems to have less of an influence on marriage. To support that fact, 70% of all marriages are now officiated by public officials or before the court. However, there’s 42% estimated total of marriages that ends in divorce at some point. And on the other hand, 14% of children think that they are the reason why their parents got divorced. Please see infographic below for more details.

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How To File A Divorce in California

California has certail rules and laws governing how divorce should be filed upon. The first thing to do would be to hire an attorney and file a divorce. The two parties are represented by a lawyer, the other party is called the respondent. The two parties will agree on things like child support, division of property and other matters. Please see infographic below for more details.

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