Taking A Deeper Understanding of Child Custody

What are some important things you should know about child custody so you can better prepare yourself when you are faced with such a situation. There are actually three kinds and they include physically custody, legal custody and joint vs sole custody. Please see more data below for more insights related to divorce and child custody.

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The Legitimate Procedure in Filing a Divorce

There are three stages or phrases which you need to go through when you are planning or thinking of filing a divorce. First, the assessment part which includes information session case, assessment conference and procedural hearings. Second, resolution stage which comprises case management and dispute resolution and where mediation occurs as well. Third, preparation for trial pre-trial conference and the trial before a judge.

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The Three Stages To Filing a Divorce

There are three phases which you will go through when filing for a divorce. First, file a divorce petition. Second, apply for a decree nisi. Third, apply for a decree absolute. It is absolutely important that you know your rights and how you deal about getting divorced from your espouse. You have to do what you have to do in order to formally and officially legalized your separation from your former husband or wife.

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The Technical Difference of Legal Separation and Divorce

You probably would ask yourself the difference of legal separation and divorce. As for the divorce it needs intervention by a lawyer, divorce never allows for fighting joint tax returns, and legal separation is good to opt for couples who have religious concerns. You should be able to know the distinction of the two in order for you to be able to understand its relationship.

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