82% of Custodial Parents Are Mothers Reports Tell

You probably would wonder why most of the decisions as to where to award the custody rights goes to the mothers. Statistically, only 17.4% of fathers get the award for some reason. Couples who are separating should respect and honor whatever the court will have to say regarding the case. And of course, children should be able to get the required support which the court has ordered. Otherwise, the court will call the attention of the parent if such scenario occurs.

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How Property Settlement is Undergone Under Family Law

There are four steps as indicated by the family law in pursuing for property settlement. First, identifying the parties’ assets. Second, assessing the contribution of each, including non-financial contributions as parent and homemaker. Third, future needs, requires assessing the future needs of both parties, taking into account variety of things. Fourth, whether the proposed property settlement is just and equitable.

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How Can A divorce Become Less Likely To Occur

There are indications as to why you are less likely to get a divorce. First, if it is your first marriage. Second, if your parents are still married. Third, if you are over the age of 25. Fourth, if you went to college. Fifth, if you live in a blue state. Sixth, if you are an atheist. On the other hand, reasons for filing a divorce could include poor communication, finances, abuse, no longer attracted to one another and infidelity.

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Information on The Cost You Spend When Filing a Divorce

There are factors affecting the amount that you are going to be spending for while going through a divorce. These factors include the divorce route, court costs, mediation costs, complexity of affair, custody battle, debts and marital assets, real estate fees and others. You should be able to identify these factors so you will have an idea as to how much you are going to be spending in totality.

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Orders Facts for Child Support

When we talk about child support we talk about kids welfare and how they are going to be supported by their parents and in what manner will the law govern over them. There are certain orders facts that you can actually ponder upon. First, 59% of custodial parents with a child support order do not recieve their mandated payments. Second, child’s support order amounts depend on the non-custodial parent’s income. Third, child support amounts are also dependent on the number of children.

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