Technical Information To Know About Child Support in California

Some people who have divorced in California do not actually fullfil the terms that they have agreed on in court. In fact, there is a $19.2 billion delinquency in child support in the said State. Also, California is known to have the highest child support interest rates in the country, with 10% annually. Parents who do not pay child support shall be brought to court for questioning as to why they cannot provide such assistance.

Child Support California

The Signs of an Unresolved Divorce

Two individuals who can no longer live together as husband and wife should definitely decide to part ways and move on if the differences are not being remedied. These are the top signs of an impending divorce including dreaming of life without the spouse, the bad outweighs the good, lack of communication, engaging negative defense mechanisms, spouse feels alone in problem solving, and rarely if ever have sex. See infographic below for more information.

Impending Divorce California

73% is The Known Divorce Rate for 3rd Marriages

Some married couples in the United States are having difficult times in maintaining a healthy relationship with their spouses. And so, a lot of them would give up on their marriages for a lot of reasons. The worst part is that the divorce rate increases when people get married again. Statistically, the divorce rate for second marriages is 60% and the divorce rate for third marriages is 73%.

Divorce Rate California

Understanding Joint and Sole Custody

So, what do you know about joint and sole custody? Here are some details that anybody would want to know more especially those who are going through a divorce. So, note that whenever possible the court would grant Joint Custody. It enables you to split both time and expenses between the parents equally. On the other hand, sole custody is awarded when there is evidence of physical, alcohol, or other substance abuse. Sole legal custody is rarely awarded. That’s the difference between the two for your legal information.

Child Custody California

What You Must Learn About Child Support Settlement?

Child support is a legal proceeding which needs to be adhered to by the concerned parties. Both parents must agree to whatever the court decides in regards to the amount of money that will be spent as support for the children. Failure to comply such court order will lead to questioning where the court will have the person not fulfilling his job come before the court for investigation. This is actually one fact that divorced individuals should come to think about that they really have to allot some budget for their kids.

Support Settlement California