How Much Do Parents Have To Spend For Child Custody

The parents who are divorcing must come to fair terms. This means that they should agree on how much they should be giving their children as child support. The court will then legally document the pact between the former husband and wife. If the espouse does not pay the exact amount ordered by the court then the espouse will be accountable by the provision of the law. Thus, he or she will be summoned by the court to do some explaining. See infographic below for more details.

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How To Proceed in Filing a Divorce From Your Espouse

Here’s the sad truth according to statistics, it was revealed that there is 71% of divorces occurred in first marriages. And then 42% of marriages will end in divorce and then almost of divorces occur in the first 10 years of marriage. These are truths that are hard to accept. Hence, those who are planning to get married must think a lot of times before it becomes too late. The infographic below also details the steps that you can do in going through the process of divorce.

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The Common Effects of Legal Separation on Kids

Parents who are separating must be mindful of the impact of their decision towards their children. Otherwise, it is going to be very disastrous on them in the sense that it is going to destroy their future because their characters will definitely change as a result of the separation. There are short term effects and long term effects of divorce on children. Short term includes anger, sadness, opposition and etc while the long term effects include persistence of anger at the parent who had initiated the divorce, intensity of longing for the absent parent, and persistence of youngter’s wish to reconstitute the pre-divorce family.

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How Divorce Document Preparation is Done in 3 Steps

There’s basically three steps in divorce document preparation. First step, questionnaires will be filled-out. The forms will ask you about the agreements and explain what personal information and supporting documents you need to provide. Second step, you review all the legal documents and have the opportunity to revise them before signing. Third step, file and serve all the required documents with the court. All these legal steps must be undertaken in order to not encounter any issues at all which could only hamper the situation.

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Summary Dissolution is Now The Divorce Trend in California

Summary dissolution has been created in order to bring to pass certain advantages including its potential to save time, its potention to reduce stress and its potential to save money. The divorce residency requirement includes living in California for the past 6 months and living in the county where they intend to file for summary dissolution for the past 3 months. In this process, it apparent that you talk to a lawyer before filing a summary dissolution in order for you to be able to do exactly the legal steps necessary to execute the said procedure.

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Details on How The Divorce Process Should Be Done

Your goal when you decide to get a divorce with your espouse would be to have an amicable settlement for your family. And so, here are the tips that you need to know to be able to move forward with your intention to execute a smooth divorce proceeding. First, you must hire an attorney. Second, file your petition and open your case with the court. Third, serve the other party with the petition. Fourth, wait 30 days for the other party to respond. Fifth, exchange income, asset and debt information with the other party. See more steps outlined in the infographic below.

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