Consequences Behind Not Paying Child Support

You are in big trouble if you don’t pay for child support. When you are incarcerated for failure to pay child support you will have three options including paying for the child support, go to jail for up to 180 days or participate in diversion program. There is another type when you are incarcerated with child support order. You need to consult with a divorce lawyer so that you will know how things work in paying for the child support.

Child Abuse Decree


The Stages of Family Mediation Which You Must Know

There are three basic stages in the family mediation process. First, the individual assessments. Second, the sessions of mediation with all parties. Third, agreement reached and court order sought. Mediation is important as it lets both parties understand why they are going through. Plus, it could be settled earlier as compared to going to the court. Please see infographic below for further information about mediation and how you can benefit from it.

Family Mediation Decree


What You Must Know About Divorce and Legal Separation

Well, divorce simply implies that you are already unmarried to the person because the court grants such a legal request. On another note, legal separation implies that you are still technically married to the other person and therefore you will still avail the health insurance benefits and other things. Kindly see infographic below to see some samples showing the differences between the two.

Legitimate Separation Decree