70% of Married Men Have An Affair Over Time

It is heart-breaking to note that majority of the men who got married still find another woman in their lives despite everything. And 60% of women will have an affair too after getting married. What causes all these? Well, there are various reasons why they do so. Perhaps, they realized that they are not meant for each other because of the difference in standards. There are many surrounding factors actually, but some think that people can do so for a fact that anybody can divorce anybody. And so the divorce law entitles everyone to change partners whenever they want to. They could file it at anytime when they no longer wanted to be tied up with the other person for some reason.

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How Is Child Custody Being Filed These Days

Some parents do not know how to file for child custody. It is alarming because they shuld basically know how to go about it for it is the future of their kids that they should look into. If you are in California you definitely have the right to file for child custody if you are not in good terms with your espouse. First off you need to file an official request, stand before the judge in court to explain the reason, and supply supporting documentation in order to proceed in your pursuit of the child custody agreement. For more instructions on how to file for child custody kindly check out the infographic below.

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The Common Reasons Why Couples Go Separate Ways

There are various grounds why couples decide to nullify marriages. The top 10 reasons include infidelity, couples not happy anymore, frequent argument, falling out of love, lack of communication, different interests in life, they changed for some reason, not comfortable anymore with each other, abusive relationship and problems involving money. For further details on the reasons for divorce please see infographic below.

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Other Facts Which You Might Want To Know About Divorces

People who are going through divorce is not easy. On the average, it takes a year for the divorce to get finalized and the average age is 30 for those who get divorced nowadays. Also, it takes 3 years for the separated couples to get married again for some reason. Individuals who are undergoing through a divorce must see a counselor in order to experience a painless procedure and experience. Experts are purposely hired for the people to seek help. You need to contact these professionals in orders to have a better transition in your life.

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The Rise of Divorces Over the Years Explained

Experts and records keepers have discovered that since 1970 the number of divorces have risen up. At present, it reaches up to 120,000 divorces being filed a year. And so studies have found out the reasons as to why it has happened. The reasons include legal changes, changing attitudes, high expectations, secularization to name a few. With these factors, divorces can be unstoppable as one expert says that individuals look for personal fulfillment and they want a divorce if not found.

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