Frequency of Divorce in America and The Reasons Of Divorce

You will be shocked by what you are about to find out that in every 13 seconds a divorce actually happens. If you are going to computer the number of divorces per day it would reach up to 6,646 and a huge 46,523 divorces per week. This is how divorces happen nowadays, the number has significantly increased over time. Now, here are the common grounds why divorce have been frequent these days. Check out the reasons why couples go separate ways and eventually get a divorce by looking into the reasons in the infographic below.

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Impact of Divorce to Those Who Are Still Studying at School

Children are the first to be affected when parents go separate ways. Their education is mostly affected simply because their minds are confused, bothered, helpless and full of negative thoughts. Statistically, 15% said they had to transfer schools, 44% sa A-levels suffered, 65% say that GCSE exam outcomes were affected. So, this goes to show that their mental ability really gets affected and so is the emotional part of their life. They simply are vulnerable and they have a bigger chance of being tempted to do something which is not right. They would definitely look for a diversion which makes them forget their personal problems.

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