Don’t Separate, Talk and Resolve Differences

One reason why couples come to a point of divorcing is because of their decision to get separated and never talk at all. Well, for some reason this would really lead to calling it quits simply because the issues are not being discussed which means both parties don’t find a way to remedy the problem. However, if they still stay together, 75% of them are unlikely to divorce. That is the key to saving ones marriage.

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Careful Considerations Needed When Deciding About Marriage and Divorce

28% of children from divorced parents are living below the poverty line. This means that divorces do really make a huge impact on a lot of things more especially to children. Thus, parents must seriously consider the factor underlying the decision to file for a divorce because the result of it could be life-changing and it could either be for good or bad. Hence, adults are urged to make mature and responsible choices when thinking about getting married and for married people to be responsible enough when in the verge of planning to divorce.

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How Much Does A Non-Custodial Parent Pay for Child Support?

The question on how much does a non-custodial parent pay as child support depend on how much does he or she is earning. Also, it depends on how much does the child need for education, shelter, food and all the necessary things for the kids. If a parent does not pay the required amount as decided by court then he or she will be held legally accountable of it. He could face further consequences for not abandoning his monetary obligation to his child.

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