Family Law Legal Process on Property Settlement

If you wonder how properties are going to be fairly divided legally then here’s the process on how to go about it. First, you need to identify both parties’ net assets, then determin the contributions of each, assessing the future needs and see if the proposed settlement is just. Both must have legal representative to help facilitate in the entire procedure. It should be done fast for as long as there are no difference or arguments to certain areas between the separating couple. The most important stance would be to follow what is described in the family law.

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Top Three Counties in California With High Divorce Rates

San Franciso, Los Angels and San Diego have high divorce rates in California. Ironically, the most active month according to reports for divorce is February and the least active month is October. More so, 50% of marriages never worked out for a long time, they end up separating and eventually get divorced. In the U.S. the more marriages a person has, the higher chances he or she has to get divorced again.

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How Child Support Is Calculated?

How child support is calculated must be known by both parties so they can actually follow the terms as provided by law. The existing term states that the support will be based on the current income of parents, number and ages of children, and the cost of living including the payments at school. The cost for it could get higher such as when a child has a disability or has serious illness. The court shall decide on the terms. If parents don’t abide then they will be questioned by the court and could get sanctioned.

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Infidelity Makes The Relationship Rusty Until It Stops Working Well

Infidelity is a serious sin simply because one had broken the vows of marriage. It is shocking though that 20% of men claimed to have committed adultery while 10% of women also claimed to have done the same. Nevertherless, whether they admit it or not it would still not change the consequence that it is going to make such marriage fall. So, why would you have an affair with someone else if you don’t want your marriage in the first place? The future of your relationship as husband and wife depends on your choices at present.

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California Legal Steps To Get Over With Your Spouse in Divorce

The divorce rate in California is quite high at 75% that’s why it has become alarming to many as to why married individuals end up divorcing even after many years of being together. Because of this, California has established a fair legal process for both spouses as they decide to part ways and move on with their lives. The steps are clearly outlined by the California government for the public to follow through in order to have a smooth and peaceful transition.

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