Unresolved Issues Between Husband and Wife Result To Divorce

A study reveals that 69% of the divorces are caused by unresolved marital problems. If they started fighting and never really come to a solution to their issues and differences then the percentage of breaking up is very high. Dr. Gottman made a study with over 3,000 couples and he was 90% accurate as to which of the couples will keep the marriage and which ones are going to call it quits.

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A Massive $15,000 Average Cost To Process A Divorce In The U.S.

It is not that easy to just decide to be separated or get divorced because of the financial implications it brings. That’s why couples are rather encouraged to fix things up rather than getting broke for spending a lot of money. It is even more difficult for those who have children for the expenses could get bigger because of the budget or expenses to be allocated for the kids as part of the legal agreement. Plus, a divorce attorney’s professional fee for sure gets a big cut of your personal money and maybe your savings too.

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