Amador County Divorce Records

As of the year 2013, the rate of divorce in California is about 60%, a number higher than it used to be, decades ago. This can be due to a plethora of reasons: Clashing dissimilarities, financial issues, and compromised role identities, just to name a few. The recording of divorces in local courthouses can be of big help to persons who are contemplating about remarriage. Such records serve as an assessment tool to determine if the person you just met has already been married, and other pertinent background information. Doing such will help you assess the situation, if that person is worthy of your time and attention, should you embark into life’s journey with a lifetime companion. In the state, these records can be accessed through the California Department of Public Health, Vital Records Section.

The main repository for divorce records are cached by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for registers that date back from 1962 to 1984. These records are not certified. For certified copies of Amador County Divorce Records and those divorces that occurred later than 1984, one must refer to the Superior Court of Amador County.

As per California state policies, you are deemed eligible to obtain a certified authorized copy of a desired divorce record if you meet certain criteria (parents of split couple, and other individuals concerned, or otherwise specified in law). If you do not qualify in the above mentioned parameters, you can only request for a certified informative copies of the record. The latter consists of basic information regarding the divorce, namely, the people involved, the reason for separation, and other basic details.

Securing a copy of a divorce record, be it authorized or informative, one is entailed to determine his/her eligibility for the type of copy. Then a request form can be obtained online, filled up, and mailed to the California Department of Public Health thereafter. A conforming processing fee of 15$ is required as per state law. The usual processing time for such requests is between several weeks to six months. In case no divorce record is located, a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued by the state. The 15$ fee, however, is nonrefundable and is retained as payment for the search.

The dawn of the electronic age is upon us, and with it comes convenience and accessibility in all matters, including records retrieval. These service providers give you access to a wide assortment of services related to the retrieval of pertinent vital records in just a matter of minutes. The advent of these online public directories has paved the way for an atmosphere of expediency, saving time, money, and effort.

Amador County Vital Records

In order to obtain a divorce register in Amador County, one must follow these steps, along with some pertinent information on what agencies are to be consulted for additional queries:

  • – Determine if the record you’re asking for is available from the CDPH Vital Records
  • – Determine your eligibility for an authorized or an informational copy if you are ordering a Record of Divorce from the CDPH Vital Records, download and complete an application form
  • – Secure a copy fee of 15$ to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records
  • – Send your request to the CDPH Vital Records Office
  • – Processing time will take several weeks up to six months.
  • – Amador County’s County Recorder

Amador County Court Records

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