Alpine County Divorce Records

Divorce has been on an upward stride over the past few decades. Many factors are in play and must be considered after undergoing very stressful event. Like many other vital statistics, divorce has a heavy legal implication and therefore must be kept and recorded for future references.

As a vital record, divorce records are housed in a legal institution for many purposes, one of which is when a divorced couple decides to take on new marriages. It highlights the “what went wrong” aspect of the failed matrimonial so as not to commit the same mistake again and avoid pressing problems in the future, in the hope for a better marriage, cemented in experience and lessons. Moreover, it provides a brief overview of the person that you are dating after meeting him/her in a speed dating session, to facilitate adjustments, and to whether or not you or your loved ones are in danger.

Divorce registers are considered public documents, but in the state of California, one must meet the necessary criteria (parents, and other individuals concerned, or as specified in law) in order to secure an authorized copy. Informational copies are granted to other applicants in general. Alpine County divorce records can be obtained at the Alpine County Superior Court. 15$ is the fee should one wishes to obtain certified authorized, or informational copies. The usual waiting time for such records to be processed is within several weeks to six months.

Securing a divorce register will take you through several steps. First, one must determine if the desired record is available in the Vital Records section of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). After determining whether you are to obtain an authorized or an informational copy, you are asked to fill out a records request form. Such forms are downloadable online. For divorce record requests, the dispensation fee is 15$. After completing the application form and securing the fee, your request should be addressed to the CDPH Vital Records.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience has been one of the ultimate goals. Record retrieval services are now being offered online with the goal of reducing effort, processing time, and to save a considerable amount of money. Multiple service providers provide an array of services suited to your needs, without sacrificing quality and accuracy. Unlimited access to these sites’ databases offers an advantage as such records are browsed within a few minutes. This has been a growing trend and will continue to do so over the next few years.

Alpine County Vital Records

In order to obtain a divorce register in Alpine County, one must follow these steps, along with some pertinent information:

  • – Determine if the record you’re asking for is available from the CDPH Vital Records
  • – Determine your eligibility for an authorized or an informational copy
  • – Download and complete an application form if you are ordering a Record of Divorce from the CDPH Vital Records
  • – Secure a copy fee of 15$ to be paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records
  • – Mail your request to the CDPH Vital Records
  • – The standard processing time will take several weeks up to six months.

Alpine County Court Records

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