Alameda County Divorce Records

No one jumps into a marriage expecting it to fail. Still, 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, according to a recent data from the National Survey Family Growth. It is an emotional ordeal for both parties in all aspects of living. These events have legal implications and are therefore kept in public records for a handful of purposes.

Reasons for obtaining such records range from mere curiosity to assessing the history of a potential partner in life, for safety purposes. The emergence and popularity of speed dating, online dating and other means of meeting potential life companions poses many problems, particularly in the dimension of safety and security. Gaining access to such records gives one an advantage of some sort as it would provide one a brief background check towards the person you just met or will meet in the future.

Alameda County Divorce Records are obtainable via the Alameda County Superior Court. A corresponding fee of 10$ is charged for a certified copy that is requested by a public agency, and 15$ is charged for requests by any other applicants. Fees are paid via check or money order payable to the Office of Vital Records. Requests are processed within six months, and fees are nonrefundable. Do note though that in the state of California, authorized of such vital records can only be acquired by the individuals named on the record, including their parents, and other individuals concerned, or as specified in law. Informational copies are given to individual requestors that are not included in the abovementioned criteria.

To secure an authorized dissolution of partnership record, you must first determine whether the divorce record that you want is available in the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Vital Records, or in the county’s Superior Court. Then you must determine if you can obtain an informational or an authorized copy. Next is to download the pamphlet for obtaining the certified copies for divorce at the official site of the CDPH. After completing the application form and determining the fee for the certified copy, the request is to be sent to the CDPH Vital Records.

The continuous advent of the internet has made tasks such as securing marriage or divorce records, and all matters related to it, rather convenient. Furthermore, the electronic age has paved the way for online record providers’ success. These providers can provide applicants with fast and up-to-date services, minus the waiting time, the effort and the additional expenditures.

Alameda County Vital Records

To acquire Alameda County Divorce Records, you can follow the steps below:

  • – You must conclude if your desired Divorce Record is available from the CDPH Vital Records
  • – Determine if you are qualified for an authorized copy or an informational copy
  • – Download the pamphlet for obtaining certified copies of Divorce Records and other information related to the application.
  • – Download and complete an application form if you are ordering a Record of Divorce from the CDPH Vital Records
  • – Determine the copy fee for the certified document
  • – Mail the request to the CDPH Vital Records

Alameda County Court Records

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