Legal Data on Divorce and Children of Today

Child support is something which some people don’t know how to fullfil nowadays. These are some of the facts which on divorce and children that are apparently transpiring in our time today. First, 43% of children are growing without their fathers. Second, 75% of children with divorced parents lived with their mother. Third, 28% of children who have divorced parents live below poverty line.

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Facts On Marriage Breakdown and and Divorce

There are ups and downs in marriage. Here are some facts related to the collapse of marriages and which eventually leads to divorce. First, 36% thought divorce would be a personal failure so kept working at their marriage. Second, 53% discussed the idea of divorce with someone other than their partner beforehand. Third, 36% spoke to their lawyer before deciding to get divorced.

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The History of Divorce As Years Went By

Divorce is something not easy to go through back in the old days. But today, it seems like a lot of people want to get divorced for a number of reasons. Here are some of the facts about divorce back in the ancient days. First, an old man divorced his wife because he discovered an affair that his wife had several years back. Second, there is no US president being elected after being divorced except for Ronald Reagan. Third, youngest girl to get divorced 10 years old.

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What Are The Factors Being Considered To Award Child Custody

There are things that have to be considered when awarding child custody to someone. First, the age, physical and mental condition of each parent. Second, the role that each parent has played. Third, the reasonable preference of the child. Fourth, the age, physical and mental condition of the child. Fifth, the relationship existing between each parent and each child.

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Learning More About Family Law Via The Social Media

If you want to be educated about family law then you have to learn it from the experts and the good thing is that there are online platforms today which anyone can leverage for information purposes. First, 21% from facebook checked out the social media pages of law firms. Second, 25% used twitter or facebook to ask friends for recommendations. Third, 20% vetted names of lawyers with social media contacts. Please see infographic below.

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The Legal Provisions of Child Custody

Child custody does go through the legal and court process. However, if parents come to a mutual decision right away on how to arrange such child custody then it is better. But, if parents are not amenable to some extent then the provisions of the child custody law must apply. First, both parents need to have lawyers who will petition for the case. It is vital that the child custody law will be upheld for the welfare of both parties.

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How Do You File A Divorce in 3 Legal Steps

It is not that easy to file a divorce from your espouse. You need to follow the three legal steps for you to be able to proceed with your quest to obtain such legal documents. First, get the legitimate documents together. Second, create visual documentation. Third, consult a divorce attorney. There are two things which you should avoid. First, don’t move out of your home. Second, don’t share a divorce attorney.

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Child Support and Parental Responsibility

Parents who have been awarded and those now awared by the court of child custody must be aware of their duties and responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities they have include: First, non-custodial parent must pay for the support. Second, payment is calculated based on income. Third, payment ends when the child is 18 years old. Fourth, payment amounts are reviewed every four years.

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What More Likely Causes A Divorce?

If you want to know a few things which could lead to divorce then you must ponder upon these common grounds why a divorce occurs. First, one or both of you are smokers. Second, one person does all the chores. Third, you hang out with divorce people. Fourth, you met in a bar. Fifth, you have a daughter instead of a son. Sixth, you have financial problems. Please see more information below for more data as to why divorce is more likely to transpire.

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