Recent Trends and Child’s Influence on Marriage and Divorce

These days, religion seems to have less of an influence on marriage. To support that fact, 70% of all marriages are now officiated by public officials or before the court. However, there’s 42% estimated total of marriages that ends in divorce at some point. And on the other hand, 14% of children think that they are the reason why their parents got divorced. Please see infographic below for more details.

Recent Divorce California

How To File A Divorce in California

California has certail rules and laws governing how divorce should be filed upon. The first thing to do would be to hire an attorney and file a divorce. The two parties are represented by a lawyer, the other party is called the respondent. The two parties will agree on things like child support, division of property and other matters. Please see infographic below for more details.

Divorce Process California

Taking A Deeper Understanding of Child Custody

What are some important things you should know about child custody so you can better prepare yourself when you are faced with such a situation. There are actually three kinds and they include physically custody, legal custody and joint vs sole custody. Please see more data below for more insights related to divorce and child custody.

Understand Custody California

The Legitimate Procedure in Filing a Divorce

There are three stages or phrases which you need to go through when you are planning or thinking of filing a divorce. First, the assessment part which includes information session case, assessment conference and procedural hearings. Second, resolution stage which comprises case management and dispute resolution and where mediation occurs as well. Third, preparation for trial pre-trial conference and the trial before a judge.

Divorce Procedure California

The Three Stages To Filing a Divorce

There are three phases which you will go through when filing for a divorce. First, file a divorce petition. Second, apply for a decree nisi. Third, apply for a decree absolute. It is absolutely important that you know your rights and how you deal about getting divorced from your espouse. You have to do what you have to do in order to formally and officially legalized your separation from your former husband or wife.

Divorce Process California

The Technical Difference of Legal Separation and Divorce

You probably would ask yourself the difference of legal separation and divorce. As for the divorce it needs intervention by a lawyer, divorce never allows for fighting joint tax returns, and legal separation is good to opt for couples who have religious concerns. You should be able to know the distinction of the two in order for you to be able to understand its relationship.

Divorce Legal California

What Should You Know About Your Divorce Lawyer

There are technically five questions which you need to be asking to a divorce lawyer before you decide on hiring him or here. First, are you licensed in the said State? Second, how long have you been practicing divorce law? Third, what’s you style in managing divorce cases? Fourth, have you written any publications regarding divorce? Fifth, how do you handle your billing? These are the significant questions which you need to ask to make sure that you are in good hands with your lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer California

What California Has in Store For Child Care

Child support is one thing that parents should be doing these days to their kids. The non-custody parent is required by law to provide the basic needs of their children. Otherwise, he will be held liable by the court. Parents should not dare neglect their duties to their kids for they could be put in prison if they do not fulfill such responsibilities. Please some more facts related to child care in California from the infographic below.

Child Care California

36% Consulted A lawyer Prior To Deciding To Get a Divorce

According to reports, 64% of individuals who plan to get a divorce don’t actually consult a lawyer for some reason. 77% said the divorce had impacted their children in many ways. Marriages are supposed to be forever but some could not seem to keep up the pace and maintain a happy marriage and hence they end up going separate ways. Please see more facts and details related to divorce from the infographic below.

Marriage Breakdown California

Online Cheating Leads To Divorce These Days

Here is one shocking truth. 75% of men have extra-marital relationshiops while 60% of women have committed adultery. There are three ways which people cheat these days. Through texting, via the social media and those dating sites. 61% comes from texting, 41% comes from the social media and 75% comes from the dating sites. Hence, it becomes a bad venue for couples to cheat from their espouses.

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