Data and Statistics on Marriage and Divorce

If you are going to take a look at the statistics nowadays on divorce and marriage you are going to get shocked by the realities that are going to see. First, as per study done by the U.S. Census Bureau there is 52% currently married men and 9% of it are divorced. Second, for women there is 48% married at present and 12% of it are divorced. Please see more details below to find out more divorce statistical information.

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Divorce Statistics and Facts for Your Information

For everybody’s information divorce is a hard process to go through. As a matter of fact, the statistics of it says it all. First, 56% of couples say social media has caused friction. Second, 50 years earlier only 28,935 couples got divorced. Third, 1 out of 10 individuals have spoken with someone online, leading to them being unfaithful. Please see more facts below.

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The Custody Facts That You Should Know

There are realities which you must know nowadays in order for you to be fully aware of what is really happening when it comes to child custody. First, an estimated 13.7 million single parents in the United States have custody over 21.8 million children under the age of 21. Second, an estimated 82.6% of custodial parents in the United States are mothers. Third, an estimated 17.4% of custodial parents in the United States are single fathers. Please see infographic below for more details.

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Collaborative Effort To Attain a Peaceful Divorce

There must be good collaboration among the people involved in a divorce in order to have a smooth and peaceful proceeding. The individuals involved are the lawyers of both parties, the husband and wife, children, and witnesses. Hence, there must be direct communication between all participants. Also, it is necessary to have a professional team tailored to your family’s needs.

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The Truth About Divorce and Statistics Behind It

Note that according to reports 79% of married couples who separate end up getting divorce. On another note, 41% of women in their 50’s have been divorced. And here are the common reasons why couples ended up divorcing. They include communication problems, infidelity or betrayal, financial problems, pyschological, emotional and physical abuse, and the loss of interest. Please see some more data from the infographic below.

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The Shocking Statistics on Legal Divorce

Divorce seems to become a norm already or is part of the culture already where if couples do blend in naturally they tend to file a divorce right away. And as a result, 10% of U.S. population is divorced. Each State has different policies imposed, case in point is in New Hampshire where divorce can be done in just one day. Please see more data from the other States for more information.

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Parents Responsibilities During The Divorce

Parents hold great responsibility to their children after the break-up. Here are some of the things which parents must do. First, non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent. Second, the amount to give will be based on income earned. Third, child support payments end when the child is 18 years old. Fourth, payment amounts are reviewed every four years. Please see more information below for details.

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The Law on Family Divorce Process

People who are thinking or planning to get a divorce must know the basic things on how to actually get the process done legally. There are three simple steps which you have to go through in order for you to perform the legitimate procedure of it. Phase 1 would be about filing the case before the court. Phase 2 would hiring a lawyer to present your petition. Phase 3 would be preparing for trial before a judge.

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How Divorces Have Impacted Children Today?

Parents who are divorcing could cause serious impact on children. The effects are short term and long term. Some of the short term effects include anger, sadness, depression, opposition, impulsivity, and aggression. The long term effects of divorce on children include persistence of anger at the parent, intensity of the longing for the absent, and the persistence of youngster’s wish to reconstitute the pre-divorce family.

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How To Go Through The Divorce Process?

Divorce is a tremendous process to go through more especially when you know nothing at all about it. So here are the steps which you need to go through when looking for guides on how it is supposedly done. First, you need to scout for the right attorney to be by your side for legal questions. Second, file your petition before the court. Third, serve the other party with the petition. Fourth, wait 30 days for the other party to respond. These are only a few of the further steps which you have to comply with along the way.

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